THE boss of world-famous Battersea Dogs' and Cats' Home has been left “shocked and appalled beyond words” after an horrific act of animal cruelty in Wirral.

Jamie Weir from Woodchurch was given a 24-week jail sentence and banned from keeping animals for life on Friday after pleading guilty to killing crossbreed bull terrier “Jack” by hanging him by his collar, stabbing him and burning him alive.

A post-mortem found Jack had terrible injuries showing he had suffered sustained attacks and torture.

Wirral Globe:

Jamie Weir and the rubbish-strewn site where Jack's body was found

Now Battersea’s chief executive Claire Horton is urging our readers to join her campaign for tougher jail terms for such barbaric acts.

Already more than 25,500 have signed an online petition demanding the maximum sentence is increased to five years.

Ms Horton said: “The details of this case are so sickening I am shocked and appalled beyond words.

“This absolutely inhumane and depraved treatment of a defenceless animal is wholly unacceptable and this is why Battersea is calling for tougher sentences for people who treat animals in this way.

“Jack suffered terribly at Weir’s hands before facing an awful death.

“For these truly horrendous offences, less than six months is not a just sentence - yet in cases like this six months is the maximum that can be handed out under current laws.

“Current penalties are neither a punishment nor a deterrent.”

She continued: “We’re proposing a much tougher maximum sentence of five years for the most severe cases which would give the courts more flexibility when handing down appropriate punishments.

“Our campaign has had incredible support and I know the public want to join us so we can make our voice heard for animals like Jack.

“Now the Government needs to listen.”

Speaking after 21-year-old Weir was sentenced at Birkenhead magistrates court, Wirral RSPCA inspector Anthony Joynes said: "It’s sickening to think what Jack went through - it is completely stomach-churning.

"He was tormented and tortured to death in the worst way imaginable. 

"There was no way Jack could have escaped from this horrific act of cruelty - he stood no chance.

"Jack would have been terrified and in so much pain.

"It is absolutely horrific want he went through - and it still sickens me today."

Weir was already serving four years for arson after burning down his rented flat. His new sentence is to run consecutively.

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