A group of squatters calling themselves the “Love Activists” have taken over a disused bank in Hamilton Square.

They occupied the former Barclay’s Bank on Monday morning in a protest against homelessness.

Police are in attendance and say they are “making attempts to engage with the group.”

The activists have a facebook page upon which they wrote: "There's approximately 1.1m empty commercial properties in the UK so why is there a homeless crisis.

"Well the homeless crisis was manufactured. There's enough empty buildings in the UK it's just there's no money to be made by people being housed.

"Barclays bank own 97% of third energy which has vested interests in fracking in Yorkshire."

Wirral Globe:

Around half-a-dozen activists have taken over the bank which they say they intend to open for the homeless.

Merseyside Police said they attended “a small protest” in Hamilton Square, Birkenhead on Monday evening: “At around 5.45pm, a small number of people entered a commercial property in Hamilton Square and are conducting a protest.

“Officers are currently making attempts to engage with the group and will continue to monitor the situation as the safety of the public is our main priority.”

In September of 2015 activists took over the empty Bank of England building in Castle Street, Liverpool, for two weeks before they were evicted.