A WIRRAL councillor is demanding urgent action to modernise what he claims are the borough's most neglected sports pavilions and changing rooms.

Paul Hayes says many of the council-owned buildings, used by bowling clubs, footballers and tennis players, have been neglected and left exposed to vandalism and damage and urgently in need of refurbishment.

He will table a notice of motion calling for a review of the condition of almost 70 buildings and an action plan to bring the most dated and neglected buildings up to a standard expected by players, when full council meets a week on Monday, March 20.

Cllr Hayes, who represents Wallasey ward, told the Globe: "Among Wirral Council's pledges for 2020 are promises to make sure everyone has access to leisure activities and that buildings will be fit for purpose.

"When you look at the state of some of our pavilions and changing rooms, it's clear that, on both counts, the Town Hall is failing.

"The buildings are often cold and damp, some don’t have any heating or working showers yet we are expecting clubs and their players to pay rent to use these buildings.

"If we want to encourage more use of our playing fields and get more people into sport, then this needs to change.

"It's time that we had a look at some of these buildings, met with the clubs and players using them and, using the fees they pay, look at what improvements can be made from now on".

A spokesperson for Wirral Council told the Globe: "Where we are responsible for sports and recreation facilities we are investing in them.

"Overall, we have spent more than £4million improving our leisure facilities over the past three years, despite funding reductions".