YOU recently reported that there were more than 15,000 signatures on petitions to Wirral Council.

The petitions ask that the council scrap the plan to bring in more parking charges.

According to the council, in the coming year they plan to take in an extra £850,000 (£400,000 from a 50p increase in existing charges, £200,000 from new charges at country parks and £250,000 from new charges at New Brighton and sundry other locations).

Most people will not want to have to pay more parking charges on top of the taxes that they already pay, but may I draw Globe readers' attention to a petition about something that takes far more money out of their pockets - tolls.

In the next year Merseytavel are budgeting to take £41 million from users of the tunnels and over £13 million of that is profit.

The situation will be even worse later this year when the so called "Mersey Gateway" bridge opens and there will be more tolls to pay whether you use that or the existing untolled bridge between Runcorn and Widnes.

A petition asking Parliament to remove all these Mersey tolls has recently been started.

I ask that all those who support this aim sign the petition at

John McGoldrick Mersey Tunnels Users Association