WIRRAL youtube sensation Bronnie Hughes will support chart-toppers Little Mix when they perform at Tranmere Rovers' ground later this year.

The singer/songwriter from Caldy - who won an international covers competition organised by American Idol presenter Ryan Seacrest after battling it out on YouTube for international exposure - will perform in front of thousands during the Wirral.Live show at Prenton Park on Sunday, May 21.

It is part of three days of concerts, opened by Madness and The Farm, taking place at the club's ground from May 19-21. The second night's line-up is yet to announced.

Looking ahead to her performance Bronnie - who graduated from Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts last year - told the Globe today: "For me to be coupled with Little Mix on the Sunday, is a great honour and I think it's exciting for Wirral.

"Some of my fans had suggested on social media that having Bronnie and Little Mix play at the same show would work really well.

"The guys at Wirral.Live got in touch and asked if I'd like to be considered, so obviously I was flattered.

"Little Mix have the final say on stuff like this so they and their team had to hear my music and they liked what they'd heard so it was game on!

"I write pop rock and pop punk songs so not exactly the same but we both appeal to teenagers so I think it's a great fit.

"But people can watch my videos on YouTube or listen to my three singles, Modern Day Christmas, High School Sucks and Scared Much on iTunes, Spotify and all those digital music outlets."

Reflecting on her career to date, she said: "I've been lucky to have gone on two tours of the UK and Ireland over the past four months and released three singles, and obviously winning the Ryan Seacrest Contest had a huge impact on my career, but announcing that I will be a special guest support Artist for Little Mix at Wirral.Live is certainly the most exciting thing that's happened since I became an artist.

"I did two tours of the UK and Ireland in October and December and got to play my songs to over 3,000 people, so I have grown up a lot since graduating from LIPA last summer.

"But this concert will have up to 20,000 people attending so it will be a different experience I realise that.

"I will no doubt get a bit nervous before the show but that's usually a good thing I've found, I use the nervous excitement to drive my performance and rock out!

"My own fans have reacted really well.

"Hundreds of them have followed @Wirral_Live on social media to keep up to date with the news and they've been celebrating the announcement.

"Some are talking about coming to the gig from Newcastle, Somerset, London and beyond.

"What has been really nice is the hundreds of messages I've had from Little Mix fans wishing me luck and saying they've checked out my songs and really like them.

"They're so sweet!"

Bronnie ended: "This is such a good thing for the Wirral. Madness and The Farm have been announced on the Friday Wirral.Live gig, I definitely want to go to that and I know the Saturday announcements are going to cause a lot of excitement".

Tickets and more details from www.wirral.live