AN "extraordinary" meeting of the full Wirral Council will be held after the ruling cabinet agreed to create a new senior job - then passed an order preventing councillors from asking questions about it.

But there's a twist in the tale as unfortunately the summit is to take place AFTER the appointment has been made, according to opposition leaders.

The authority wants to take on a new manager to supervise inward investment.

The Labour-controlled cabinet met on January 18 agreed that the "urgency" to hire an investor development manager meant councillors should waive their powers to "call in" the proposal for further scrutiny.

But the decision caused an outcry from opposition members.

Now after a joint request from Tories, Liberal Democrats and the borough's only Green councillor, a special meeting of all 66 members has been set for March 6 where the role finally will be debated.

According to Conservative group leader Cllr Jeff Green: "It's extraordinary that they've agreed to hold this meeting after the person has been taken on.

"Therefore it is going to be a waste of time and sadly shows the contempt the administration holds for the people we in opposition represent.

"Whatever happened to their newly-found commitment to openness and transparency?"

Lib-Dem group leader Cllr Phil Gilchrist said they were told the need for waiving their right to a call-in was the supposed urgency for the new senior officer to attend a key international property conference held mid-March.

He said: "We believe that the creation of this post requires further scrutiny to enable council to decide whether it is justified.

"Either the matter was or was not ‘urgent’.

"With this in mind, apart from avoiding the costs that might be associated with an extra meeting, or the availability of key people, does not the ‘delay’ suggest that the matter is no longer ‘urgent’ and that the removal of the right to call in was unnecessary?

"Might an explanation now be offered?"

Speaking earlier this month council leader Cllr Phil Davies said: "This short-term investment will lead to substantial investment afterwards.

“I think it’s important that we invest in this individual - I am asking cabinet to waive call-in.”

The authority is looking at ways of raising revenue while cutting costs as it faces having to make £132m of spending reductions over the next three years.

It views attracting new business to the borough and marketing Wirral as widely as possible as key elements of its strategy.

A budget of £80,000 has been allocated for the position.

The successful candidate will have to to be politically neutral as it is "a sensitive politically restricted post."

And according to the job description they can expect some out of office hours as well as the "potential requirement for national, international travel and extended trade visits."