MERSEYTRAVEL will be asked to recommend a freeze in tunnel tolls for the next year when its committee meets next Thursday.

If councillors vote in favour, it will then go before the Combined Authority to set on toll levels when it meets the following day.

Should the recommendations be implemented, the Fast Tag toll would stay at £1.20 for car users and the cash toll at its current rate of £1.70.

 Also considered in the report is making the tunnel free for emergency services liveried vehicles and for all users between 10pm on Christmas Eve and 6am on Boxing Day as public transport services are not available during these times.

Frank Rogers, interim chief executive of Merseytravel, said: "As always, it is for political members to take a decision on the tunnel toll levels.

"However, reflecting on the past year, it is encouraging to see people taking advantage of the benefits that a Fast Tag can bring.

"For the first time Fast Tag customers now represent the majority of tunnel usage but there are still many more people who can benefit from these savings."

The tolls were frozen at £1.70 when the authority met this time last year.