One of Wirral's busiest routes - across the docks between Wallasey and Birkenhead - is set for a mulit-million pound overhaul that will see two of the "Four Bridges" replaced.

The "A" Bridge will be replaced with a new and innovative lifting bridge powered by hydraulic rams.

The "C" Bridge will be replaced with a modern, flat-deck fixed concrete slab.

A successful bid by the council for more than £6m was approved by the Department for Transport from its "Local Highway Maintenance Challenge" funding pot.

It is expected replacing the bridges will help resolve many of the recent problems with the route, which frequently has been closed to allow repairs to be carried out.

The local authority said the current bridges contain many non-standard features and at their present rate of deterioration will soon be unsuitable for HGVs.

Replacing them will mean more pain for motorists between March and October as the works take place - and Tower Road will close completely to traffic on occasions.

But once the new bridges are up and running they will require much less regular maintenance with fewer road closures, and will be designed to modern standards ensuring a more reliable flow of traffic along Tower Road.

Diversion routes will be in operation when closures are in place and access to and from the Stena Line ferry terminal will be kept open at all times.

Drivers are being warned they should expect additional traffic and delays during the work.

A temporary footbridge will be provided next to the C-Bridge during its replacement so pedestrians and cyclists can continue to use Tower Road.

A temporary shuttle bus will be provided during the closure of the A-Bridge from late June until the bridge re-opens to pedestrians.

Details of the shuttle bus operation will be provided in due course.

Council highways chief Cllr Stuart Whittingham said: “This is an exciting project and a significant investment in Wirral’s transport infrastructure which will bring long-lasting benefits to the local area, residents and the economy.

“These bridges have been requiring frequent and costly maintenance over recent years causing significant disruption to drivers with the route being closed often with very little notice for emergency or essential maintenance.

“The current bridges have many outdated features and at their present rate of deterioration will soon be unsuitable for HGVs, so their replacement is essential.”


The following dates are the current estimated planned schedule. This may be subject to change as the project progresses - the council will notify the public of all road closures in advance:

December 2016mid-late June 2017 Advanced site works, including temporary traffic signals on Tower Road at times

Mid-March 2017late-June 2017 A554 Tower Road fully closed, access to Stena Line ferry terminal from the north only (replace ‘C’ Bridge)

Late June 2017end October 2017 A554 Tower Road fully closed, access to Stena Line ferry terminal from the south only (replace ‘A’ Bridge)

Mid-September 2017 Five-day dock passage closure to install new ‘A’ Bridge main span

November 2017 Road fully re-opened and bridges complete


•The new bridges are being designed and built by the council’s contractor Dawnus Construction Holdings Ltd.

•Steel from the old bridges will be scrapped and recycled where appropriate.

•The scrap value will be credited back into the contract costs.

•The new A-Bridge will be fabricated and assembled in Anglesey and shipped around the North Wales coast to Birkenhead in August.

•More than 400 tonnes of steel will be required to manufacture the A Bridge, which will be installed from a floating barge.