A Wirral nurse saved an elderly man from choking at Clatterbridge Hospital by using the Heimlich manoeuvre.

Michael Culleton, 88, was on the rehabilitation ward eating his meal when he started choking and turned blue.

Deputy charge nurse James Graham spring into action and used the manoeuvre to clear Michael’s airway and recover his breathing.

Nurse Graham said: “I went into the bay and he was blue and choking. He couldn’t breathe.

“As soon as his airway cleared he started breathing again. He was then reviewed by a doctor.”

This is not a common occurrence however nurses throughout the hospital are highly trained to deal with such incidents.

He added: “It’s the first time I’ve dealt with something like this. It’s something that can happen to anyone and luckily enough we’re trained to deal with incidents like this.”

Michael, who is a great, great grandfather from Heswall, was on the ward recovering from a fall when the incident happened.

He has since made a recovery and is now out of hospital. 

Michael's daughter, Carol McKelvey, 63, from Pensby, said: “My dad has never had anything like this before.

“The nurse is an angel. What he did is unbelievable. He’s the most wonderful person. He’s just marvellous.”