A Wirral cyclist had a very lucky escape when he narrowly avoided being seriously injured by a trip wire stretched across Egremont promenade.

Al Disley, 48, from Wallasey, noticed the rope pulled taut between from a lifebelt tied and railings while he was cycling around 8.30pm on Friday.

The professional photographer managed to slow down as he spotted the booby trap ahead of him.

He told the Globe: “I was cycling down the prom and I missed the trip wire by about a yard of being thrown off my bike. I’m just glad I spotted it as it was so camouflaged by the ground.

“A witness told me he had seen a group of kids around 12-years-old doing it and told them to put it back when they were finished - I couldn’t believe he didn’t stop them.

“It’s so dangerous and a girl was lucky to escape alive after running into one of these at neck height not so long ago – I reported this to the police. You would think parents would educate their kids about the dangers of this but it won’t happen.

“Someone will get killed if this goes unnoticed – you can easily pick up speed cycling down there, especially when there’s wind behind you and you can’t see these traps until you’re up close.”

Al removed the rope and attached it back to the lifebelt after taking a picture of the trap.

“This is not a trick, it’s a weapon – I don’t know what can be done to stop it maybe if the ropes are made less accessible. This needs to go public as who knows what will happen.”

The police are making inquiries.