IF you are feeling a little bit out of it all, haven't yet got the Christmas spirit then book a flying carpet to the Epstein and you will feel...whole again.

Star Natasha Hamilton of Atomic Kitten fame is joined by the versatile Sean Smith who has the X Factor on his multi-layered CV.

Both have tremendous voices and personalities and it makes for a harmonious couple from the outset: she the petulant Princess Jasmine and he the rags-to-riches cheeky chappie A-lad-in-next door type.

They head an excellent cast that will appeal to all ages.

Jordan Davies is Genie of the Lamp who made his name in reality series Magaluf Weekender.

He is likeable throughout because of his self-effacing nature.

While fellow reality hit Mark Byron from Big Brother plays a quick-witted, genial Slave of the Lamp.

Lesley Butler is a very strong Empress - winning over the audience in her role as an over-domineering mum who wants only the best for her daughter.

Her comic timing as sharp as ever.

I usually see her playing the evil queen so this was a pleasant change. Lesley is one of the city's best panto stars who always oozes enthusiasm.

The various capers of energetic Lewis Pryor get better with every show he appears in.

His Wishy Washy is one of his best performances to date Tom Burroughs clearly relishes the role of baddie Evil Abanazer.

A running gag about his surname raises plenty of laughs.

As with all LHK production the costumes are first class. So full marks to wardrobe mistress Jayne Carter

The three-piece band under the leadership of Matt Lawton were spot on for the wide range of songs - a disco medley especially.

Natasha Hamilton was faultless on a soaring Whole Again while Sean's Rule the World atop a flying carpet raised plenty of excitement levels in the aisles.

Seven dancers never put a foot wrong in every dazzling routine. Holli Jo Bradley's choreography - totally sparkling.

Michael Chapman had his work cut out. Not only writing , directing but also as Widow Twankey running a laundry.

Michael is a cracking all-rounder.

His songsheet routines are always laugh-out-loud experiences.

And well done to Greg Jones and Lee Kelly for design, lighting and special effects.

Aladdin is a real family panto that adds to the successful roll call of shows presented by LHK.

When you have the ever supportive Ricky Tomlinson and Jennifer Ellison in the front rows singing and laughing along then you need no better seal of approval.

Globe verdict: Bursting with fun.

Five Stars.

Aladdin at the Epstein Theatre, Liverpool.

Until January 8.

Box office: 0844 888 4411