YOUR Globe is proud of its unrivalled record of supporting the arts in Merseyside.

And this week the first recipients of our Wirral Globe Arts Ambassadors Awards received their trophies.

The accolades are given by the newspaper to those who fly the flag for the arts - locally and nationally.

They are all a credit to the region in their own unique way.

Individually and collectively they continue to promote all that is good about the diverse creative talent of the region.

The editor's awards were given to those individuals and companies in the fields of amateur dramatics and semi-professional works.

They have given Wirral a solid reputation of excellence in theatre, music, performance, writing and the visual arts – in fact all those dedicated, inspirational people who help put our gifted perfomers before a wider audience.

That is why the arts-supporting Wirral Globe has honoured their vital contribution to the arts, the reputation of Wirral's creative industries and the benefits to the local economy.

So take a bow...our Magnificent Seven.

Wirral Globe:

Connor Wray and Dan Meigh from Off the Ground Theatre Company

Off The Ground were formed in 1994 and have grown from strength-to-strength since their debut performance of Twelfth Night.

There is an ambitious Off The Ground Youth Theatre, too.

The team ensure that new talent works with the older, experienced crew.

OFG work with schools, community groups and other theatre companies throughout the North West, North Wales and Republic of Ireland.

Off The Ground are inventive and leaders in the field of outdoor theatre.

Here's to 2017 - onwards and upwards.

Wirral Globe:

Keith Hill and Bev Clark from Hand In Hand Theatre Company

Hand In Hand are already an award-winning organisation who have a solid reputation in the arts world for their outstanding production values leading to consistent five-star rated work.

It is a not-for-profit organisation set-up by accomplished writer and director Bev Clark.

Their aims are to bring performance art to local communities and to work in partnership with others to produce new and original theatre events.

Forsooth, their Shakespeare output is second to none - there's the rub.

Wirral Globe:

Meryl and Jim Langford from Birkenhead Operatic Society (BOST Musicals)

Birkenhead Operatic Society is 90 years old and getting younger with every single production.

Wirral is rightly proud of putting Birkenhead and the borough on the map when it comes to top quality affordable entertainment.

Next year is another busy one for each and every highly-acclaimed, dedicated, member in front and behind the scenes.

BOST Musicals are always looking to the future.

Long may they run and run.


Wirral Globe:

Billy Hui and Wendy Williamson from SingMe Merseyside Choir

Formed in Wirral in 2014 with just a handful of enthusiastic singers the SingMe Merseyside Choir now number 200-plus members.

Weekly performances, charity shows and creative activities - you name it, they do it.

It is easy to sing their praises.

They are now stars in their own right throughout Merseyside - led by charismatic founder and musical director Billy Hui and administrator Wendy Williamson.

An awe-inspiring arts ensemble who light up every room in which they perform.

Wirral Globe:

Julie Nicholas and Les West from the Carlton Players and Carlton Theatre

This home-grown arts organisation Carlton Players and Carlton Theatre are highly-respected throughout Merseyside for their seven shows a year - six plays and a panto.

The curtain was first raised in the post-war years and they are still going strong, always looking forward to entertaining audiences of all ages.

From the box office to the stage, Carlton - its players and theatre - has its art in the right place offering drama for all tastes.

Wirral Globe:

Tilly Wilkinson and Susan Brown from the Wirral Society of Arts

Wirral Society of Arts - the peninsula's premier organisation for the arts - was formed in 1948.

WSA held a successful and inspirational artists exhibition at the Williamson Art Gallery in November opened by Mike McCartney.

They continue to promote, support and enhance the reputation of the arts across the region and indeed the country.

Chair Susan Brown is looking ahead to 2017 and their 70th anniversary in 2018.

WSA are a voice with real heritage proudly and enthusiastically speaking up for the arts.

Wirral Globe:

Granville Southworth receiving the award for his son, Robbie Southworth the owner of Past Productions

Past Productions are led by talented actor and musician Robbie Southworth - a multi-skilled performer and innovator who travels the country bringing history alive in superb workshops in schools and community groups.

Robbie was unable to attend the presentation at the Globe offices on Thursday but sent the next best thing - his dad Granville who is clearly proud of the success of his son. 

Robbie, a star of the smash-hit musical Moggies, produces his own pantos that have thrilled audiences - past and present and no doubt will in the future.

In 2017 your Globe will be there reporting on the activities all our seven ambassadors are up to.

In the meantime you can find out what they have in store on their respective websites, facebook and twitter accounts.

And if you have any suggestions for societies, groups and individuals who should join our Arts Ambassadors hall of fame next year, let us know by emailing