DRIVERS prosecuted for speeding have been quizzed by pupils in Wirral today as part of a series of events across the region for Road Safety Week.

During the 'Kids' Court' session at Avalon school in West Kirby, eight speeders were interviewed by children about their offences.

The campaign began today and calls for motorists across the North West to focus on road safety to prevent crashes.

Officers from Merseyside Police working with local authorities and Mersey Fire and Rescue Service across the county will carry out activities over the course of the week that will focus on both education and enforcement.

These include school education sessions with primary and secondary schools and other engagement activities with members of the public and working with local businesses.

Sergeant Paul Mountford from Merseyside Police Roads policing unit said: "This was a successful operation that had an impact on those drivers that were stopped.

"They were interviewed by the children about how speed can kill. This had a profound effect on some of the drivers.

"We are committed to improving road safety in Merseyside and this is just one of our tactics to reduce the numbers of those killed or injured."

Rebecca Power from the Merseyside Road Safety Partnership said: "Ultimately we want to encourage people to drive safely and within the speed limits, so that everyone can stay as safe as possible on the roads.

"There are no excuses for dangerous behaviour whilst driving or for speeding, think safety first".