A NEW row has blown up over Wirral Council's controversial newspaper after it was revealed up to 30,000 households did not receive a copy.

Town hall chiefs made a song and dance after they detected an "information deficit" in the borough and decided to break Government rules by publishing their own paper every month.

The ruling Labour group promised every home and business would have a copy of "Wirral View" posted through their letterboxes - 150,000 addresses in total.

But sadly their distribution company has experienced "teething problems."

Head of communications Kevin MacCallum said: "We have had really positive feedback from communities across Wirral after the first edition of Wirral View.

"We are aware of some initial teething problems with the distribution.

"The coverage was not as good as was expected or promised, and we have had a frank conversation with our supplier.

"The next edition of Wirral View will be published later this month – we will be monitoring performance closely and will ensure future editions see much better distribution."

Conservative councillor Ian Lewis is unimpressed: "Once again another grand council project has flopped.

"How much more money will be wasted on this vanity project before someone has the guts to call it a day?

"The ruling cabinet was warned of the risks and as usual decided to carry on regardless.

“It’s time for the cabinet member responsible to apologise - firstly to the 30,000 homes who he promised would receive a copy but haven’t and also to council taxpayers who have paid for the 30,000 newspapers that are now missing, presumed dumped.

"I can think of plenty of better ways in which £270,000 could be spent.”

Government "publicity code" rules stipulate town hall newspapers must only be published quarterly and should not resemble commercial newspapers.

But Wirral intends to publish 12 editions per year.

A representative from the Department for Communities and Local Government told the Globe: "Spending on council newspapers undermines the independent free press.

“We have been clear we expect all councils to comply with the local government publicity rules.

“If they do not we will consider what further action to take.”

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