A Wirral councillor has put out a call to local people to remain "extra vigilant" over the growing number of street signs being stolen in Wallasey.

Ward councillor Lesley Rennie has spoken out in an attempt to prevent any more signs from being removed.

It is thought that the historic cast iron signs have been stolen only to be sold for their scrap value.

Some of the street signs which are now missing include Saltburn Road, St John’s Road, Winchester Drive, Buchanan Road and Falkland Road.

Cllr Rennie said: “It’s a great shame that these historic, cast iron street signs, many of which have been in place since before the war are now being targeted by thieves.

“At the same time, replacing these signs costs the taxpayer money.

“If residents see people removing these signs, either in the daytime or at night, I’d urge them to contact the police.

“We suspect there is a gang targeting roads around the town and any information can help us to catch, and prosecute, those behind this crime.

“Theft, whether it’s private property or public property, is still theft and needs to be tackled.”