TOLD by An Idiot have a curious name - ideal for their unique creative output.

They been acting out tales of the unexpected since 1993.

Their last visit to Liverpool saw them bring the acclaimed play I am Thomas.

Long may they continue with their distinctive approach, production values and innovative performances.

Their latest 80 minute play - a co-production with Theatre Royal Plymouth - has live music and is described as a 'savage folly' inspired by a myth, a failed exploration and a satire on the 1990s TV series El Dorado.

Wirral Globe:

The four-stong female cast are accomplished - individually and collectively.

They have the talents of actresses, clowns and storytellers all rolled into one.

The Marx Brothers meets Shakespeare and art house cinema.

These skills come in handy to convey this fusion of tales - Columbian legend, 16th century historical sketches and a contemporary lampoon.

A complex mix here provides a jigsaw of visual treats with humour and poignancy.

Sometimes you have to catch your breath as the play switches from one age to another - a myth about revenge an exploration to search for the golden city of El Dorado and a bizarre scenario featuring the BBC's flop soap opera El Dorado ..


You will be if you let go of the ambitious thread..

A schoolteacher explains to the her pupils that they will be showing off their language skills to some English visitors . . . which just happens to be us - the audience.

Wirral Globe:

We see a play within a play ... within a bigger picture.

Happily, there is no audience participation but you have to work as hard as the cast to keep up with the series of sketches.

The cast illustrate astonishing physicality and the range of music is perfect for the adventures they get up to.

A scene involving dancing fruit and vegetables from the New World was both charming and intriguing..

i would have preferred less frenetic activity switching from one scene to another.

Programme notes would have helped detail more of the aims of this experimental piece of theatre.

I would have liked more clarity of narrative..

Here it is hard to keep up with so many ideas unleashed..

That said, the company invite you on a journey - enjoy the ride..

It all ends with Spandau Ballet's song Gold.

As I said when I came in ... If you want a company to push the boundaries with tales of the unexpected this is for you..

Three Stars


It is at the Liverpool Everyman until Saturday.

Tickets from 0151 709 4776.