I SEE that Angela Eagle MP has been attacking the government over tolls.

She has told the Globe that: "Before the last general election George Osborne promised that Mersey Tunnel tolls 'definitely' would be cut for Wirral residents.

"It now appears that this was just a cynical stunt to save Esther McVey’s seat."

Angela is correct to say the government seems to have forgotten their promises, but she seems to have conveniently forgotten both the Labour promises on tolls and her own role in all this.

Last February, Joe Anderson, Liverpool mayor, said: "I think all the profits that are made from the tolls should go into driving down [toll] costs."

He was backed by his Labour colleagues in setting up a review and in the run-up to the General Election Labour politicians said the Tory promises to cut tolls were too late as Labour were already doing what George Osborne promised.

The result of those promises has been very little – for the current year there was a reduction in the tag tolls but most drivers have seen no reduction in tolls and the tunnels are still budgeted to make £13 million in profit for Merseytravel and the City Region.

While the authorities are making these profits from drivers there is very little chance that the government will give any financial help.

John McGoldrick, Mersey Tunnels Users Association