IN your story Tory vs Tory in libel' row (Globe, June 6), referring to a Wirral Council mast planning blunder, Cllr Kirwan is quoted as saying that he was elected as a Wirral Borough councillor not just a councillor for Hoylake and Meols.'

It's a balance of responsibilities for every councillor across the borough not only to get involved in tackling and debating the big issues affecting all of Wirral, but to represent, and make decisions for, their ward electors.

They also have a third duty - to their party.

Cllr Kirwan was elected a Conservative councillor. Now that he has left the Party's council group, he pronounces himself to be an Independent Conservative' - that's an oxymoron with which even Cllr Isabel Moon, for whom I have enormous respect, has clothed herself since leaving the Lib Dem group three weeks ago.

If you are an Independent, that's what you are - nothing more and nothing less.

The Globe article went on to report that in Pensby, Gayton, Moreton and Claughton, there had been massive public opposition' to the four mobile masts, the application for which got through on an administrative blunder and which has triggered the Conservative Group bust-up.

Only 600 people signed the petitions. That's 1.8 per cent of a total electorate of over 33,000.

Massive? It's hardly a ripple!

Eric Copestake,Seaforth Drive,Moreton