Firefighters have been battling a large blaze throughout the night and all day today at a scrap metal recycling plant on Liverpool docks.

Six fire engines and two aerial units have been deployed to the incident, after the alarm was first raised at 11.20pm last night at Seaforth, on the waterfront north of Liverpool.

Wirral Globe:

Plumes of smoke from the blaze are clearly visible from Wirral and the operation to bring the flames under control is still ongoing, 16 hours after it began.

A spokesman for Mersey Fire and Rescue Service said the incident is "significant and ongoing" and is likely to continue for some time yet.

A statement from the service said: "A command point has been set up and the fire has been divided into sectors and water supplies have been secured.

Wirral Globe:

"Firefighters have continued to fight the fire throughout the night in difficult conditions. Firefighters have now surrounded the fire and will continue firefighting.

"There are not currently any road closures in effect around the Seaforth docks area and smoke from the fire is not currently affecting any residential areas."

No injuries have been reported.