A CLOSURE-threatened Wirral charity needs Globe readers' help in raising much-needed funds to take disabled children on the holiday of a lifetime. 

The HCPT Group 134 was founded more 30 years ago, to take youngsters to Lourdes in France for Easter week each year.

However, it faces closure because of a lack of funding and urgently needs to raise £8,000 for the trip.

The group is run entirely by volunteers who give up their time not only to care for the children whilst in Lourdes, but also to raise the funds needed each year.

Paul Phelan, its deputy leader, told the Globe: "HCPT 134 receive no statutory funding, and we need to reach a fundraising target of £8,000 before Christmas to cover the fares for the children we wish to take.

"If we don't reach this target, we will be unable to travel to Lourdes for Easter 2017 and the children we support will miss out on the trip of a lifetime.

"Their parents and carers will also lose a week of respite, an opportunity which does not come around for them often."

In addition to the cost of the children's travel and accomadation, the group needs to raise additional funds to pay for excursions, group clothing, and snacks and treats for the children.

The volunteers travelling with the group each cover their own fare of £725.

Paul Phelan continued: "This is a Wirral charity, supporting Wirral children, so we’re calling on Wirral people to help us.

"If just half of the Wirral Globe's readers donated £1 each towards our target, we would reach it in no time."

To make a donation towards HCPT Group 134's Easter 2017 trip to Lourdes, please visit www.justgiving.com/hcpt-134 or contact group134@hcpt.org.uk

More details on the work of HCPT are from www.hcpt.org.uk