THE carpark of a former Wirral pub has been turned into a dumping ground by fly-tippers.

Photographs sent to the Globe by an anonymous reader today show bags of rubbish, garden waste, children’s toys, mattresses and building materials discarded on the Millhouse Pub site in Moreton.

The land has been left derelict since planning permission was given to developers Galliford Try Partnership to build 38 flats there last October.

Pictures (below) show some of the rubbish left by fly-tippers

Wirral Globe:

Wirral Globe:

Wirral Globe:

The shocked reader told the Globe: "I live near the 'Millhouse' and we shouldn't have to put up with the unacceptable and disgusting mess left by fly-tippers.

"I'm sure the developers wouldn't want this rubbish in their neighbourhood if a vacant property was vandalised in this way.

"The fly-tipping needs to sorted out.

"Apparently, Galliford Try have been told many times about this and have done nothing about it.

"They certainly aren't endearing themselves to the neighbourhood with their slow response to this problem."

Wirral Globe:

The Millhouse site as it currently looks

Wirral Globe:

Conservative councillor for Moreton West & Saughall Massie, Bruce Berry (pictured, below, at the site) said: "We and local residents have written to Galliford Try repeatedly to try to get them to clear up the site and protect it from fly tippers etc, yet despite promises of action the site continues to be neglected.

"In an email to a local resident Galliford Try said: 'the costs they had been quoted to tidy the site were too high'. This, from a company that boasts of a revenue of £2.3billion."

Wirral Globe:

Fellow ward councillor Chris Blakeley added: "It would appear that Galliford Try simply want to punish local residents because they opposed their original planning application, months of neglect have left this site in an appalling condition and it is without doubt a huge blot on the landscape. 

"Local residents should not have to put up with this neglect from a multi-billion pound company who simply appear to put profit before people.

"If Galliford Try don't act soon we will be asking the council to use its powers under the Town and Country Planning Act to force the land owner to take action.”

A spokesperson from Galliford Try Partnership, told the Globe: "We recognise that there have been some recent issues with fly-tipping at the Millhouse site in Moreton.

"Work is currently in hand to remove the rubbish and this will be clear within the next seven days. Barriers will also be erected across the front of the site to restrict unauthorised access.”

Fly-tipping is a growing problem across the borough.

Yesterday, blood-filled syringes and bags of rubbish were found dumped in a road near the Wallasey tunnel.

They were removed within hours by council officers.

Last May blood-filled syringes were found dumped in a Rock Ferry street, Householder Vincent Ashman said he feared public safety was being put at risk after he discovered the used needles and blood-stained swabs scattered at the front of his home.

The 53-year-old security guard said it is the latest incident in a catalogue of anti-social behavior in his neighbourhood.

Mr Ashman, a father-of-two, has lived with his family in Moore Avenue for 21 years - but was considering moving away.

And he said he felt let down by police when he reported the drug paraphernalia.

"After finding the syringes I reported it to the police who said ‘it’s nothing to do with us' and passed me on to the council.

"Imagine if the needles had been picked up by a child on their way to school."