DID you know that William Shakespeare, who died 400 years ago, came up with many of the sayings we use today in newspapers, television and social media?

Throughout this week's Inferno column you will be alerted to this, as every single quote is from Mr Shakespeare and will be in italics.

"Method in my madness" - you get the picture.

I would now like to volunteer a train of positive thought.

Wirral really is the volunteer capital of the North West.

This week alone has shown that the area was always way ahead of David Cameron's Big Society plan which never made it past the Downing Street drawing board.

When it comes to selfless people giving up their time for social, economic and artistic development, it is in a league of its own.

In an ideal world we shouldn’t need volunteers with Government - local and national - footing the bills.

But this is the austere real world and we have to rely heavily on human kindness, dedication and generosity of time.

This month my faith in mankind has gone up dramatically taking my mind off the pettiness from our political parties at home and with the messy US elections leaving me speechless, sadly, unlike deluded Donald "Duck" Trump.

I praise the following volunteer projects closer to home which makes you realise not everyone is out for themselves.

The fantastic Birkenhead pop-up shop offering free school uniforms supporting families in need.

Top marks for their outstanding community work.

And a toast to the brilliant Neo Café organisation who are offering meals-on-wheels for hungry Wirral schoolchildren.

And "All the world's a stage" for the volunteers who contributed to the uplifting Wirral Festival of Firsts.

All this and the forthcoming Wirral Heritage Open Days in September.

Every single volunteer for all the above causes really does have a "Heart of gold".


RAVE Reviews all round, too, for two Wirral art companies who are accomplished creative flag-wavers.

I have been "Bedazzled" by both exciting groups.

Off the Ground Theatre company, who are celebrating 21 years of arty excellence in the great outdoors, are currently completing their annual Welsh, Wirral and Irish tour with their play Zorro making their mark.

Home-grown talent who who are a breath of fresh air.

And I have enjoyed yet another triumph for the Hand-In-Hand Theatre Company winning awards for their sparkling RIP Mr Shakespeare production which won many prestigious awards and counts inspirational John Gorman as a major fan and supporter.

The arts achievements in Wirral are something the council should be proud of as they aim for a vibrant vision for 2020.

Wirral Council should acknowledge that the arts help boost Wirral’s cultural identity.

"Wear your heart on your sleeve", said the Bard. I couldn't have put it better myself.


LITERARY musings from Mr Shakespeare could come in handy for debates in Wallasey Town Hall, especially after the recent publication of the so-called "Wirralgate" report by Patricia Thynne.

If the opposition parties want to complain they could always throw into the chamber pot such verbal attacks as: "Laughing stock""For goodness sake" and, for the council leader: "The game is up".

Phil Davies could simply reply with: "The world's mine oyster".

Whistleblowers would ask for "The naked truth" and demand that "The truth will out"

But here's my own favourite Bardism while I await any good local news always "With bated breath".


"SUCH stuff as dreams are made of".

While Ladybird Books now include modern adult titles as The Hangover it seems publishers are hell-bent (not Shakespearean) with destroying the innocence of our childhoods.

Now it seems the Mr Men books are being updated with such titles as Mr Hipster and Little Miss Reality.

As TV plunders the archives, Hollywood loves sequels and record companies use pop songs for their commercials, this lack of originality is bound to "Send your teeth on edge".

Peter Grant