A WIRRAL charity has raised more than £1,000 to help support local projects and organisations throughout the borough.

The Wirral Copper Jar hosted an event last week, which saw a wall in a local pub filled with coppers demolished with the coins added up and donated to local causes.

The event was held at the Saddle Inn, Wallasey with a representive from Burd Ward solictors knocking down the wall. 

The charity operates directly through their Facebook page with local people within the group nominate local charities they wish to support.

The administrators then create a poll which allows all the other members of the group to vote for the cause they think to be the most deserving.

The page describes their aims as ‘pooling together unwanted change and help Wirral’s community directly’.

Speaking before the event, administrator Steve Whelan said: “We are hoping there will be at least £500 worth of 1p’s and 2p’s that will come crashing down.”

Although only £350 was raised from the coins on the wall, the event itself raised £1,250.

This amount was then divided and handed out to 10 Wirral charities.

Steve added: “The charity has been running since November last year and we have already raised over £2000.

“The money raised takes us to well over £3000, not bad considering we only ask our members for coppers.”

The funds are avalible to a wide range of causes for both organisations and individual members of the public.