Labour MP Steve Rotheram has pledge to cut the fast-tag price for tunnel users if he is elected as Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor.

If successful, he plans to reduce the rate to just £1 for a single journey as he puts the financial impact on tunnel commuters at the top of his agenda.

His promises come following users disappointment when the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne back-tracked over his promised to reduce toll prices.

Speaking about the policy, Steve said: “I will redouble efforts to hold the Conservative government to its election promise to help reduce the tunnel tolls.

“During the election campaign George Osborne promised that Mersey tunnel tolls would ‘definitely be cut’ and held out the prospect that a review might even see them abolished altogether.

“Despite his sacking by the new Prime Minister the Tories can’t be allowed to get away with this blatant dishonesty.”

It currently costs £1.20 per journey through the tunnel with a Fast-Tag and £1.70 without.

The announcement comes as the campaign for the selection of Labour’s candidate has entered its final stages.

The Walton MP added: “During this selection campaign I have spoken with hundreds of Wirral residents and they have highlighted their concerns at what they see as an unfair levy on their wages.

“For those who live on the Wirral, but work in Liverpool – or vice versa - Mersey tunnel tolls have a daily impact on their lives.

“Helping reduce this travel to work tax is an important issue for thousands of commuters every single day.

“This is about how we use the limited resources at the Metro Mayor’s disposal to have the most positive impact on the day-to-day lives of the people of our city region.

Even though the Fast-Tag has certainly helped lessen the burden, I want to go further in bringing down that cost.

“That’s why I am committing to cut the cost of a single Fast Tag trip to £1 for local residents.”