LABOUR MP Steve Rotheram has pledged to provide affordable housing and to protect the city’s green spaces if he was to become the Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor.

The promises were made during the launch of his mini manifesto on Wednesday as the Walton MP bid to become Labour’s candidate for the role.

He adds he will be a lean, low cost, transparent and ethical Metro Mayor, knitting together existing public services not building a new empire of officialdom whilst also forsakingthe extravagant trappings of office and burgeoning bureaucracy, instead tapping into the skills and expertise already available across the City Region.

Speaking about the manifesto launch, Steve Rotheram said: “This mini manifesto is my initial offer to Labour Party members which demonstrates my values and the sort of Metro Mayor I will be.

“As an enthusiastic support of the new kind of politics, I am committed to working with Party members once selected to devise our full manifesto to the people of the Liverpool City Region.

“What the mini manifesto does illustrate is that I have a coherent plan to drive economic growth, prosperity and social justice across the whole City Region with no borough left behind.”

The Liverpool MP, who last week slammed the Combined Authority’s decision to use £7 million of the Government’s £30 million devolution money on highly-paid executives, has pledged to protect precious green spaces and the City Region’s historic parks.

The Metro Mayor candidate will lead work to build truly affordable housing for all, prioritising brownfield sites for development and wants to work with the six local authorities to ensure council houses to rent and started homes to buy are available across Merseyside and Halton.

The Labour hopeful has also pledged to deliver a modern and economical transport system by re-regulating bus services, providing new trains and fighting for a connection to High Speed Rail 3.