PROFESSIONAL rollerbladers skated through New Brighton as part of a prestigious north England tour.

The intrepid in-line pro's flipped and spinned at high speed to perfect their skills ready for a massive demo at Rampworx in Liverpool.

Skater David Bell from New Brighton brought 30 of the best bladers from across the UK, Europe and America to The Bowls at the Tower Grounds in New Brighton, before showing them some of the borough's "hidden gems."

David - nickname Dangerous', who has been skating for more than 13 years, helps to organise tours and events across the world.

He said: "This is the first time that the KingDomination tour has come through New Brighton.

"It is fantastic to bring such creative and professional skating to The Bowls, which only opened at Christmas.

"We hope to entice young people into this amazing lifestyle by showing them the David Beckhams of the skating world."

Top ten professional roller-blader Chaz Sands from Glasgow has his own blade brand. He said: "Skating keeps me out of trouble and takes me all around the world. It's great inspiring kids to participate in the sport which has picked up a lot over the last few years."