Details of candidates contesting the 23 seats up for grabs at the council elections in Wirral on May 5 have been published.

Labour and the Conservatives are the only parties contesting all 23 seats - UKIP is down to fielding nine candidates.

In Bromborough, former Lib Dem and Labour councillor Steve Niblock is standing against his former parties as an Independent.

The most tightly fought contests will Pensby & Thingwall, where Labour is defending a majority of 167; Moreton West & Saughall Massie, and New Brighton.

The Green Party is hoping to gain seats following Cllr Pat Cleary's success in 2014 and is fielding 21 candidates.

Former Tory councillor Ian Lewis is also seeking a comeback standing in the Wallasey ward following the decision by Leah Fraser to take a break from politics.

Candidates nominated:

Conservative: 23

Labour: 23

Green: 21

Liberal Democrat: 19


Trade Unionist and
Socialist Coalition : 7

Independent: 1

The election of Merseyside's Police and Crime Commissioner will take place on the same day, Thursday, May 5.

Incumbent Jane Kennedy will be standing again for Labour, 
Christopher Carubia for the Liberal Democrats,
David Burgess-Joyce for Conservatives and 
John Coyne will represent the Green Party.