HOUSEHOLDERS living near an area of Woodland in Bidston were left shocked and dismayed after dozens of protected trees were ripped down to make way for a housing development.

Planning permission to build houses on land off Eleanor Road was given in December.

But nearby residents say the local authority has ignored their concerns about the destruction of woodland.

Frances Gillyon is among those who live near the site of the development.

She told the Globe: "It's an absolute mess - we've been hearing huge trees crunching and snapping as they fall.

"We're not against development it has to be done.

"But we feel that our concerns were ignored by planners. It would have been nice if there’d been some sort of compromise.

"All the 'protected' trees have gone including the Scot's pines. There's not one left.

"I'm not going to be all emotional about it but will miss the robins, finches, owls, crows plus the foxes, rabbits and most of all the beautiful great Scots pines that made us feel happy to have so much nature around our home.

"All those creatures would have been busy reproducing, nest building, laying eggs, feeding young and generally living - like the trees."

A council spokesman said: "When planning permission was granted for this development, there were conditions attached relating to landscaping.

"The developer has committed to working with the planning authority on an acceptable tree-planting scheme and landscaping plan that will see new planting take place at the earliest opportunity once building works are completed.

"We have spoken to the developer regarding the complaints and will continue to monitor works to ensure all the conditions of the planning consent are adhered to."