CHANCELLOR George Osborne looked to shore up his “long-term economic plan” in his budget speech today.

As was rumoured, he raised money by whacking up so-called "stealth" taxes, such as a higher levy on car and household insurance premiums.

Drivers living in Wirral already will be used to stealth taxes - the hated Mersey Tunnel tolls.

Although of course it’s not so much a “stealthy” way of raising cash, more like blatant highway robbery.

As if to add insult to injury Mr Osborne also cut the tolls on the Severn Bridge crossing to "help the economy of Wales."

What may come as a surprise to some Wirral motorists - who make up the vast majority of tunnel users - is that after operating costs and debt repayments are excluded, the tunnels make a surplus revenue of between £12m and £14m a year.

Shortly before last year’s May general election, Mr Osborne visited our borough and famously promised the toll “definitely” would be cut for Wirral residents.

And he went further, saying he hoped to fully abolish the fees depending on a Government review, which he guaranteed would be completed by the end of 2015.

Almost a year later, there’s been no ministerial review, no cuts in tolls apart from “Fast Tag” reductions - and no sign of any of these promises being realised any time soon.

And another budget speech has gone by without a mention.

So after the Chancellor of the Exchequer sat down today, commending his budget to the House, he should not have been surprised if the drivers of Wirral rolled their eyes and blew him a very loud raspberry.