The chancellor failed to live up to his promise to reduce tolls on the Mersey Tunnels.

George Osborne in his Budget statement today said cuts would be made to tolls on the Severn Crossing to "help the economy of Wales." 

But there was nothing for Merseyside tunnel users who have to pay £1.70 each way.

John McGoldrick, secretary of the tunnel users' association, said: “One year ago he said he would halve the tunnel tolls.

"But now it is as though he has chosen to stand with Liverpool city council who still want to make profit from the tunnel to support their HS2 service.

“He has turned a blind eye towards all the councillors who have reminded him of the promises he has made.”

Shortly before last year’s general election, Mr Osborne visited the borough and promised the toll “definitely” would be cut for Wirral residents .

And he went further, saying he hoped to fully abolish the fees depending on a Government review, which he guaranteed would be completed by the end of 2015.

There were some nuggets for the "Northern Powerhouse" in the Budget:

A new four lane M62.

New tunnel road from Manchester to Sheffield. 

Upgrade to the A66 and A69 in the North Pennines. 

"I said we would build the Northern Powerhouse.

"We are making it a reality and rebalancing our country," Mr Osborne said.

Other key points include: 

A sugar tax will be imposed on soft drinks in two years' time.

£1.5billion in new schools funding to extend the school day and turn all state run schools into academies free of local authority control. 

Another increase to the personal allowance which protect a chunk of income from tax. It is currently £11,000 and will increase to £11,500.

The 40p tax threshold will rise to £45,000, offering a £400 tax cut to half a million middle earners.