ARE you ready to love the Globe Valentine's Day Quiz?

Peter Grant - Globe columnist and Mersey Quiz Master - has some posers.

1) The Beatles said Money Can't Buy You Love. What else did they say money can't buy you:

  • A) Fun
  • B) Freedom or
  • C) Heaven

2) Who wrote and directed the film Love Actually 

  • a) Rowan Atkinson
  • b) Richard Curtis or
  • c) Mel Smith

3 In Shakespeare's day the heart was not the symbol of love. What was it?

  • a) The Kidney
  • b) The Spine or
  • c) The Liver

4 Who wrote the song Step Inside Luv For Cilla Black?

  • a) Marc Bolan
  • b) Cliff Richard or
  • c) Paul McCartney

5 After the Love was a hit for which US band?

  • a) Kool and The Gang
  • b) Earth Wind and Fire or 
  • c) The Commordores.

6 True or false, did St Valentine exist?

7 In the film Wizard of Oz who Was looming for a heart?

  • a) The Tin man.
  • b) The Lion
  • c) The Scarecrow

8 True or False? Phil Collins wrote Groovy Kinda Love?

9 In tennis the term 'love all' came from Henry 8th.

10 Who allegedly said on his death bed "love one another"?

  • a) John F Kennedy
  • b) George Harrison
  • c) David Bowie.

So, are you a Valentine Quiz expert?

Answers below:

1: Fun. In the song She's Leaving Home The Beatles sang "Fun is the one thing money can't buy"

2: Richard Curtis

3: The Liver

4: Paul McCartney

5: Earth and Wind And Fire

6: Yes a true saint. Singer songwriter Donovan paid tribute in his song St Valentine's Angel.

7: The Tin Man

8: FALSE - it was written by Carole Bayer Sager and Toni Wine.

9: False. Henry did predict it would be the sport for England.

10: George Harrison

How did you do?

If you scored eight to 10 - Your heart is in the right place

If you scored five to seven - Lovely try

If you scored one to four - in the dictionary under Love
You won't be there.