A WIRRAL school welcomed 12 new arrivals this week after a black sow gave birth to piglets on its farm.

The babies, six ginger and six black, were born at Bebington High Sports College as part of its Farm to Fork project, which teaches students about how food is sourced.

Peter Fearon, co-ordinator of land-based science at the college, told the Globe: "Because they are part of the project, they don't have names.

"The aim of the farm is to teach young people where food is sourced, how it is grown and the care needed to ensure the animals have a good life before they end up on our table.

"Hopefully, this project will educate students about reducing food waste as well as understanding good husbandry.

"We will sell the piglets on to local farmers.

"We will be keeping one of the black boars and two of the ginger pigs."

The school opened the farm in 2013 to offer its students vocational education.

Peter's work earned him the title of teacher of the Year at the Educate Awards last year.

The farm also includes a breeding flock of sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, quail, reptiles and six fully-grown pigs.