EAGLE-EYED children will be able to catch a glimpse of Santa flying over Wirral next week.

His elves have given us secret details of his sleigh's route, as he flies around the world on Christmas Eve.

The shimmering lights of his sleigh will be visible early in the evening - but only very briefly.

If the sky is clear, the light will be visible over Wirral at 5.21pm as Father Christmas and his reindeer deliver presents to children all over the peninsula, England, Europe and the rest of the World.

Where to look:

Anyone in Merseyside wanting to spot the sleigh should look in a south-westerly direction - 11 degrees above south-south-west, to be precise.

Be punctual though - the lights will be visible for less than a minute from York, before Santa jets off out of view.

A few killjoys, scientists and Santa-deniers will try to tell you the light is actually the International Space Station - but don't be fooled by their scurrilous claims!