Whenever you see a poster for a Royal Court Christmas show you know what you will get.

Fun, frolics and festive frenzy.

Wirral Globe:

Now the new-look revamped venue has graphic posters outside...that actually move and smile back at you. 

Stars like Andrew Schofield and Michael Starke in costume look as though they are saying "come inside."

And you know that with fellow stalwart Lindzi Germain, you are in for a night of 'Carry On' styled humour performed with boundless, cartoon-esque energy.

This is is an annual production that entices you to simply enjoy the evening.

In this case... let your Pharaoh down. Every Sphinx comes up roses in the end.

Wirral Globe:

And like this 'panto meets Vaudeville' showcase you get your just desserts. Sorry, deserts. There are not the usual parody pop songs.

Instead, director Howard Gray and the on stage four-piece band deliver classics such as Walk Like An Egyptian and You've Lost that loving Feeling in great style.

The slapstick sequences involve Andrew and Michael playing two of the nativity's wise men on Bernie Clifton styled camels.

Michael Fletcher and Hayley Hampson return from last year's Scouse of the Antarctic to find themselves in ancient Egypt.

They travel time more than Dr Who and his assistant.

Many of the jokes are relics but it's the way they tell 'em.

Andrew as Bill and Danny O'Brien as Ben are two pyramid, fez-wearing labourers who know their audience.

Wirral Globe:

Michael Starke as King Tut and Lindzi Germain as Queen Nefertiti (you can see where that leads) enjoy themselves with every aside. The slick stage set by Richard Foxton lives up to the usual standards.

This is the seventh year writer Fred Lawless has created a home-grown show. Where will it be set next year?

This current pun filled production will only get tighter as the run continues.

Ad libs galores. Asp-iring indeed.

A great year for the team led by Kevin Fearon and its youth theatre and choir.

Carry on Court! Can't say pharaoh than that.

Globe rating: 4 Stars. Crazy Capers!

The shows runs until January 16.

For tickets call the box office on 0151 709 4321.