REGARDING Philp Griffiths, Ukip North West president, and his view on the apocalypse coming from Jeremy Corbyn.

I would like to say to many Corbyn is a breath of fresh air.

He is down to earth, caring, compassionate and, most of all, sounds like a human being.

We've had enough of manufactured, robotic, bullish, bullying MPs.

The protest in Manchester was to make the ordinary man, woman and child's voice heard.

David Cameron, Gideon George Osborne and Iain Duncan Smith have ignored the plight of the people up and down the country.

Homelessness is up by 40 per cent, suicides, food banks, sick and disabled are hit with bedroom tax.

There are also sanctions leading to no light or water for weeks, sometimes months on end.

Then there's the "working poor" on zero-hour contracts and tax credit now being taken from them.

No one has listened until Jeremy Corbyn.

Mrs S Davies, Bebington.