AS A Wirral Council employee who has witnessed scandal heaped upon scandal over recent years, it was my hope that the new chief executive would breathe new life into the council's culture.

How disappointing therefore to read his latest missive in which he advises that he "met with the council's 30-plus most senior managers as a group to make some headway in planning how we can take the council forward.

"It was a very productive session with some important feedback coming through from the managers."

Prior to this meeting neither I or my colleagues were ever approached by our head of service for our views, and I would be surprised if this wasn’t the case across other departments.

I can only assume that the "feedback" provided by these 30-plus senior managers was simply their own opinions and nothing more.

This blind acceptance of the views of a cabal of highly-paid and self-serving individuals has undoubtedly contributed to the woes experienced by the council in recent history and, sadly, the notion that an individual’s integrity and competence is proportionate to their salary is a continuing theme within Wirral Council.

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