STAFF at Morrisons supermarkets have made a special request to their new boss over dull playlists on the shop floor.

Internal feedback that the current loop of store tannoy tunes was getting repetitive has led to new chief David Potts introducing almost 9,000 new songs to the Warrington supermarket’s playlist before the Easter weekend.

Mr Potts added: “Our staff told us that music in our stores was getting a bit tired.

"We want to listen and make shopping and working with Morrisons a better experience.

"That includes coming to this new musical arrangement with our colleagues and customers.”

The new compilation, developed to appeal to all tastes, is includes hits by John Legend, Beyoncé, The Cure, Morcheeba, U2 and Texas and will be live by Good Friday.

And just for fun, here's our top ten tunes for a trip around the supermarket.

Can you come up with any more?

1. Olivio Newton-John: I Wanna Get Fizzy-Coke

2. Simply Bread: Honey’s Marmite to Mention

3. Katy Perrier: You’re Gonna Hear Me Flor-a

4. The Bap Band: Spaghetti Hoops Upside Your Head

5. Heinz Youngs’ Cannibals: She Drives Me Jalfrezi

6. Pasty Cline: Your Cheating Carte Dor

7. Oasis: Don’t Lurpak in Anger

8. Buns & Roses: Take Me Down to Cathedral City

9. Maroon Chives: Sugar

10. David Feta: Sexy Chick-en Kiev