A WIRRAL MP turned postie for the day to deliver dozens of letters to her constituents in the hope of gaining a vital insight into the importance of postmen and women in our community.

Alison McGovern arrived at the Royal Mail's New Ferry delivery office on Friday to see staff preparing for the rounds, before putting on a high visiblity jacket of her own to join postman Lee Broom on his morning round.

The purpose of the visit was to give the Wirral South MP a valuable insight into the challenges of delivery mail to every house and business in her constituency over six days a week.

Following her first class experience, Ms McGovern said: “Postmen and women are a really important part of our communities. I spent the morning helping to deliver mail in New Ferry where thankfully the weather was quite good.

"With the modern postbag changing I know that Royal Mail need to keep up with these changes and are transforming its operation to respond to the changes that modern life has brought to the organisation.

"More parcels are being delivered and fewer letters than ever before. I got a real feel for the work staff do during my visit."

She added: "Shadowing staff is the best way to gain an insight into their job and I found this a really useful way of finding out what Royal Mail staff do on a daily basis.

"They go out in all weathers to deliver our parcels and letters and provide a really important service. I thank them for all the work that they do.”