A SECOND public meeting to discuss the future of “the last green space” in Rock Ferry takes place this week, with Birkenhead MP Frank Field set to attend.

Close to 2,500 people have signed a petition calling for town hall bosses to rethink their plans to bulldoze Rock Ferry High School and sell of the associated fields.

Wirral Council is in the process of seeking Government permission to dispose of the school buildings, which it says are "surplus to educational requirements" and the playing fields on Ravenswood Avenue.

But those living near to the site have called for the building to be saved, claiming the adjoining fields are a vital community asset.

At a meeting last month, more than 100 people turned up to speak to local councillors about the plans, with a second meeting organised for Friday evening.

Birkenhead MP Frank Field is expected to attend.

Alison Meehan, who set up the petition alongside neighbour Sue Dodd, said January’s meeting was very passionate and showed the strong consensus within the community to save the site.

She said: "As a community, we feel we place higher value on the green open space than our councillors have up to this point.

"People value the availability of the site as a free space where they can exercise their dogs, let their children play and use sports facilities."

She added: "We're asking for a thorough consultation, we feel it should be restarted and open to all interested parties. The community wasn't asked but when they were, they turned out in vast numbers.

"This is obviously a concern across the community as evidenced by the 6,500 views of our Facebook page and nearly 2,000 online.

"We've got 2,500 signatures on the petition and it's growing every day - we've only been going for two weeks. The Rock Ferry High School and Woodlands community group will continue to get support."

Rock Ferry High School closed its doors four years ago when it merged with Park High to form University Academy of Birkenhead.

Speaking to the Globe previously, Alison said: "This is the last green space in Rock Ferry. It’s an amenity the local residents have used historically for 100 years.

“It’s an area where people enjoy walking their dogs, local football teams play matches on there and the woodland boasts a number of species that people enjoy watching including tawny owls, woodpeckers and hedgehogs.”

The oldest part of the school, Ravenswood House – which was built in 1874 – is Grade II listed.

“There is going to be a great need for educational facilities in the future and it shouldn’t be removed – you can’t put it back once it’s gone," added Alison.

Wirral Council previously said £450,000 had been set aside for the demolition of Rock Ferry High, with the land suitable for housing.

Money from the sale of the land is expected to be used for education and sport projects across Wirral.

The second meeting will be held on Friday, February 13 at 6.30pm at Highfield United Reformed Church.

To sign the petition, click here, or to view the campaign group's Facebook page, click here.