HOPES for the creation of a train station between Moreton and Meols are back on track after a survey found hundreds of people are in support of the idea.

Councillors claim the new station - which would be known as Town Meadow - has been in the pipeline for 25 years.

If opened, the station would sit between Meols and Moreton stations and serve residents living in the Millhouse Lane area of the town, reducing traffic from the estate to other stations.

According to Moreton West and Saughall Massie councillor Steve Williams, it would cost £7.3m to install.

The latest edition of Moreton West and Saughall Conservative's Community Newsline, delivered to residents on the Millhouse Estate, says Merseytravel has planned Town Meadow in its bid to the government for more money.

So far, more than 800 people have responded to the survey, conducted by Cllr Williams, with the majority in favour.

He told the Globe: "The idea for a station was first mooted in 1976 and has been on and off the table many times since then.

"The last time it was discussed was 2010. It's the biggest stretch of Merseyrail land without a station.

"Residents living near are concerned about car parks, and there are fears that it will attract people with cars.

"But the aim is for the station to be used by commuters living on the Millhouse estate and neighbouring roads, saving them from having to drive to other stations.

"So, ideally, if we had a say, it would have a small car park.

"Potentially, this station could be used by hundreds of people and would be of huge benefit."

An independent survey commissioned by Merseytravel in 2010 revealed overwhelming support for Town Meadow. But the idea was scrapped.

In a statement Merseytravel said: "Merseytravel, as part of its developing Long Term rail Strategy, will be reviewing the potential for new stations to be built in the region.

"Town Meadow is referenced in our Long Term Rail Strategy and we will be reviewing its potential as well that of a number of other sites across the network."

To take part in the campaign, visit: www.townmeadowrail.com