PHOTOGRAPHS capturing the sights, sounds and fashions of Liverpool and Manchester's music scene featuring in a new book.

Revealed: Youth culture, pop culture, subculture – The Photographs of Francesco Mellina 1977-1982 is available now in selected book stores around Liverpool.

Its release comes five years after an enormously popular exhibition at National Museums Liverpool.

It features iconic black and white photographs of bands and their audiences taken in and around music venues in Liverpool and Manchester in the late 1970s and early '80s have finally been published in book form after a hugely successful crowd funding campaign.

The book has been produced thanks to a collaboration between Francesco and book designer Michael March.

It boasts a foreword penned by founding editor of Mojo Magazine and former editor of Q, Paul Du Noyer and dozens of photos of some of the most recognisable faces in rock and pop.

Its release is accompanied by a number of Q & A and signing events in Merseyside and Manchester.

Francesco, originally from a small town in Calabria, Southern Italy, now lives in Liverpool.

Fascinated by all things British he taught himself English by listening to early Beatles and Rolling Stones records before setting off on a tour of Europe that would see him eventually settle in Liverpool.

On putting the book together Francesco told the Globe: "It's been a difficult task, with thousands of images to choose from. The idea was to try and capture what I wanted to portray.

"It's not just about the stars; it's also about the crowds. Without the crowds there would not have been the stars.

"I've been working on the book since the exhibition in 2009, and spent a long time making sure I got the atmosphere right. It was a blessing in disguise, really, because it's meant I have had plenty of time to select."

After enrolling on a photography course at the Art College on Hope Street in Liverpool he immersed himself in the vibrant and eclectic club scene of the city, taking photographs of bands such as Echo & The Bunnymen, Talking Heads, U2, The Clash, Roxy Music, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, New Order and The Ramones. He also spent some time as manager of Pete Burns’' band.

On the book jhe Francesco continued: "The book is doing really well and has had positive feedback from the likes of Edwin Collins and Orange Juice, OMD and Echo & The Bunnymen.

"It will appeal to people who were around at the time. But it's not just about the music.

"There was a lot of fashion at the time. I have done a couple of book signings and met young girls and boys who are studying fashion and are inspired by what they see in the books.

"It's great to think that I am, in some way, helping shape their creative thinking."