Deaf School - how do you describe them?

"Quirky," that's what lead singer, the charismatic Enrico Cadillac Jnr, said when I asked him en-route to a packed Floral Pavilion theatre.

They are far more than that as they showed on this the only Merseyside gig - one of only four gigs on a UK mini-tour.

Deaf School simply cannot be pigeon-holed.

The polished seven-piece band have remained one of the best live acts you will ever see.

And their distinctive vocals and harmonies along with humour illustrate why they appeal to all ages, many of whom have supported them throughout the past four decades.

A sea of distinctive Deaf School t-shirted dancing, singing-along fans said it all.

Guitarist Clive Langer walked on first to kick off a 90-minute set with a stunning solo.

Ian Richie on Sax and the Rev Max Ripple on keyboards alongside Gregg Braden on drums have tremendous stage presence and are very tight and accomplished all-round musicians.

Enrico said it was great to be back on home turf and told tales of visiting New Brighton on days out in his youth.

And then the songs - every one telling a story.

All the classics are brought to life on stage thanks to the theatrics from Enrico and Bette Bright fleshing out the songs from their multi-layered albums from the superlative Second Honeymoon to Don't Stop the World and Boys and Girls.

On stage the musical mix is inbeatable - rock, pop, blues, Motown, punk, cabaret, Beatle-inspired gems and Vaudeville.

The same influences that brought these art college students together back in 1973.

Today Deaf School know what their loyal audience want and produced it with style. Taxi, Hi Joe Hi, Cocktails at 8, Capsldi's Cafe were as fresh as ever.

Frankie Average, the Wirral-born member, was sparkling on the Beatle-esque Darling.

Bette Bright in a glittery tartan outfit belted out the rockers and saved her best for last with the French-styled Final Act.

It wouldn't be a Deaf School gig without their anthem What A Way To End it All - one of three pulsating, up-lifting encores.

"It's been amazing" said Enrico.

I couldn't agree more.

5 Stars

Let's hear it for Deaf School. Full marks