DEAF School want YOU to be heard on Sunday.

The Merseyside band return's for their first Wirral performance since the closure of Birkenhead's Pacific Road in 2011.

The unique part of this New Brighton Pavilion gig is YOU can be a support act - of sorts.

The show is being recorded for a Deaf School first - live recordings - and will feature on their forthcoming album, which will be released on Japanese label Hayabuse Landings.

Charismatic singer Enrico Cadillac took time off from his tour bus to talk to the Globe.

I have interviewed this iconic figure many times and he has not lost a jot of his enthusiasm and sense of humour.

Deaf School are unique.

He was well pleased with their recent sell-out, critically-acclaimed gigs in London's Soho.

Enrico says Deaf School are here to stay and with their guru Ken Testi already mapping out their tour of Japan next year thee are exciting times ahead.

Deaf School were once tipped to be the next big thing so much so that The Beatles' legendary press officer and later mega act promoter, Derek Taylor, of Warner Brorhers Records was a passionate mentor.

Enrico says that the band should have released a few more singles than they did.

"Remember Sailor - they did a couple of singles including Glass of Champagne and that was that.

"But we are still here - still around and enjoying it as much as ever."

There was certainly more to Deaf School than the wonderfully whimsical, yet dark classic What A Way to End it All.

Their debut album Second Honeymoon is a classic.

The range of styles, genres and overall musicianship ensured that Elvis Costello and other leading lights were fans, now followers know all the lyrics from Bette Bright's sultry tones to Enrico's multi-vocal versatility.

Deaf School are storytellers.

So I ask Enrico to tell tales about this Japanese album.

He said: "It's due for release in March to coincide with our shows there.

"The album will feature five of six new songs, several live tracks - so that's the New Brighton connection - as well as archive material from Hardman House where Nick Lowe was with us.

"We will do previously unreleased songs such as It Should Have Been Me, featuring guitar virtuoso Reeves Gabrels."

Enrico adds that there will be vintage out-takes and unused material from 1976 such as Applause and other Deaf School delights from the archives.

Enrico says Merseyside js special.

This, of course is true. The band paid homage to the area in their foot tapping song Rock Ferry.

He says about their past gigs: "We played at the closing of the Pacific Road venue and the original Everyman.

"I would love us to start playing at the opening of new venues."

I ask him if Deaf School would ever have won X Factor?

"I don't think they would know what to make of us.

"We could never be pigeon-holed ... still can't."

So what can the audience in New Brighton expect on Sunday?

"Our fans know us -we know them. So we want to hear some NOISE.

"It's a first..."

What a way to start it all, indeed.

Tickets for Deaf School's show are from the Floral Pavilion box office on 0151 666 0000