PARENTS of pupils at a Wirral special needs school earmarked for closure are calling on the borough’s elected members to stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves by keeping the facility open.

A special cabinet meeting will take place on December 17 to discuss the outcome of the publication of statutory notices on the closure of the Lyndale School.

Although Wirral Council has stressed a final decision will not be made until the December meeting, parents believe it is a “done deal”.

Chrissie Woodland - whose eight-year-old son Alex Brie has a unique known condition and attends Lyndale - said: “We don’t expect the council to change their mind on this last and final cabinet meeting but we still hope that they realise that the Lyndale School is a home from home and a safe environment for our children.

“This is the only place we want our children to be and the only place we feel that we can leave our children and know they will be safe.”

Chrissie added: “The councillors became councillors to stand up for the people of this borough, now is the time for them to stand up for the children that can’t stand up and fight for themselves and make the right decision to keep the school open.”

More than 10,600 people signed a petition to keep Lyndale open, with 89% of Globe readers also believing it should be saved.

Parents are continuing to fight and are in the process of mounting a legal challenge against the authority with more than £12,000 donated by members of the public.

Chrissie added: “We would like to thank the public for their amazing support over this stressful period and if the council make the decision to close the school we will carry on fighting until they lock the doors.”

Opposition councillors have also thrown their support behind the parents, vowing to do whatever they can to save the school.

Councillor Phil Gilchrist, leader of Wirral’s Liberal Democrats, said: “It’s now almost a year since the idea of closure saw the light of day. This has been a year of considerable uncertainty and anxiety for the parents.

“They have been fighting for the best service and the best setting for their children.

“Their case has been persuasive, their cause has been just. They have held their heads high.

“It is a tragedy that, so far, their pleas have left some hardened hearts unmoved.

“The people with the power should listen or hang their heads in shame.”

If agreed, Lyndale will close in January 2016.

Speaking after the decision was made to move forward with the closure, Cllr Tony Smith, cabinet member for children and family services, said: “This has been a difficult decision to make, and we would like to affirm our continued intention to work positively with the families and the children affected, and reassure parents of our continued commitment to their child’s wellbeing and education.”

Council leader Phil Davies said: “We have looked at this with an open mind. This is the recommendation we feel is in the best interests of the children.”