WIRRAL Council plans to alter the opening times of 15 libraries, although the Future Council questionnaire about cost-saving in the next financial year has been available in the libraries and the final date for people to submit their thoughts is October 31, which is when the consultation closes.

Library staff have already been told when they are to apply for their jobs, now that only four lending libraries will be needed, instead of 20.

They have been told when redundancies will be announced – immediately before Christmas. The council has used this timescale before.

What sort of consultation is this when it is obviously a done deal?

I stood outside two libraries for a total of five hours asking people if they knew about the document and very rarely did anyone say they were aware of it.

The shorter hours would be when people are in work or school, so not available for students who need to use the computers for homework.

There would be no children’s specialist librarian, no book-based activities for children during holidays, longer journeys for everyone to get to an open library – and who can afford bus fares to take a family?

Jan Bowen, Address supplied.