THANK you Emma Rigby for the excellent article exposing just how damaging the proposed cuts to Wirral libraries are.

I suspect many people are still unaware that if the proposals are implemented many community libraries will be open for just eight hours a week.

The proposed opening hours are 10am to 2pm on two days.

These hours would deny access to school pupils, many younger children go to libraries with their parents after school and older children need access to computers to help with their homework.

While I would encourage everyone to take part in the consultation which ends on October 31, I believe councillors should allow the public to directly debate the issues at public meetings.

Finally, I am unimpressed by opposition councillors wringing their hands.

It should be remembered that it is the cuts imposed by the coalition government on councillors in the north of England that are substantially responsible for crucial services being put at risk.

T Rhodes, Hoylake