A PLANE sparked panic on Tuesday afternoon after it was spotted circling over Wirral and Liverpool for close to two hours.

People on both sides of the Mersey took to Twitter to voice their concerns after they spotted the Easyjet passenger plane flying “extremely low” over the area.

Karl Voice contacted the Globe after he saw the plane performing “evasive manoeuvres” with its landing gear down over New Ferry.

He said the plane had been circling over Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport from 11.30am.

An RAF fighter jet was also spotted following a similar path but a spokesman for the airport assured both planes were taking part in “normal routine training”.

“We’ve had a number of calls today but it’s one of those things that happens from time-to-time. The plane will be here for the next few days doing the same thing – it’s part of a training exercise.”

The spokesman said the planes take off, before flying around, coming in to land, and then repeat the process several times.

The RAF Hawk, which came to Merseyside from Anglesey “just happened to be here at the same time”.

Mobile app Flight Radar 24 showed the airbus "circling" over Merseyside.