HARDLY a week goes by without a news story or a reader’s letters concerning Lyndale School.

But I, for one, and maybe many others, have lost track of the facts behind the story. 

Can we be given answers to a few questions to help us to have a view on the background to the proposed closure in January 2016, such as the following:

1) How many pupils go to the school and low many teachers and other staff are also there at present?

2)How many different schools are likely to be used for the transfer of the children if the school is closed and would the attention they receive now be diminished in another environment?

3) Would all children find places nearer or further away from home as at present and would transport be provided for them to go and come back from school each day?

4) What would happen to the present teachers and other staff if the school was closed?

5) Would the real saving come from the sale of the Lyndale premises and site?

Perhaps the supporters for the continued operation of the school would like to give their views on the above and then follow that up with the council’s response and then readers would be able to form a more balanced view of both sides of the argument.

Keith Crowden, Upton.