The go-ahead has been given for a £180m waste refinery in Eastham.

Wirral planning authority last night agreed Biossence’s scheme to construct an “energy-from-waste” plant using gasification technology at Hooton Park.

The project had rekindled fears over a possible traffic surge through the village.

The committee was due to discuss the plans last month but deferred their decision until after a site visit had taken place.

The construction is likely to take 28 months, during which time 300 people will be employed on the site.

On completion, 68 permanent staff will be employed there.

The site around one kilometre east of Eastham Village.

To ease local misgivings Wirral Council planners imposed a condition to ensure all contractors using HGVs to deliver waste and other suppliers to the plant do not use the road through the village.

Biossense’s sustainable energy facility was originally given permission in 2009, but the company changed the scheme to make use of more advance technology to create energy from waste.

The maximum amount of commercial and pre-processed municipal waste the facility would receive would be £400,000 tonnes a year.

The report to planning committee concluded: "It is considered that the development represents an important option in the waste management cycle with sustainability benefits to landfill."

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