A RED-faced boozer who was caught performing a sex act with a woman in a Wirral street told a court “one thing had led to another”.

The 20-year-old man, from Wallasey, had been drinking with friends at Lacy’s Bar on Rowson Street when he “got talking” to a 34-year-old woman – who had travelled from North Wales to visit friends.

Wirral magistrates’ court heard how the frisky couple had been spotted carrying out a number of sex acts - on both the pavement and in the front beer garden of the pub – by a CCTV operator at Wirral Council.

Brian O’Connor, prosecuting, said: “The incident occurred on Monday, June 2 at 2.15am. Wirral Borough Council’s CCTV was being monitor and around this time the operator observed a group of people exiting Lacy’s Bar in New Brighton.”

The two defendants were seen moving away from the group towards the front beer garden and began kissing before engaging in a number of sex acts.

The female defendant was said to be off camera but the act was apparent “due to her head and arm movements,” said Mr O’Connor.

Magistrates heard that the CCTV operator phoned Merseyside Police and provided them with a link to the live feed of the incident, in which they saw the couple perform a further two sex acts – on a beer garden bench “in full public view of passing traffic and members of the public”.

Officers arrived at Rowson Street shortly before 3am where they witnessed the male defendant “fastening his trousers”, said Mr O’Connor.

Both were arrested and taken to a nearby custody suite where they were interviewed.

The female defendant told officers she could not remember anything from 11.30pm on June 22 and did not recall any of the offences she was charged with, although she made full and frank admissions.

Her defence solicitor, Richard Williams told the court she was “shocked” to learn what she had done and was extremely embarrassed.

The male defendant also made full admissions to the charges and said he was “deeply remorseful”.

Chair of the bench Peter Ashworth said: “People don’t expect that to happen in such public view at that time in the morning.”

Both were fined £160, ordered to pay £85 costs and a £20 victim surcharge.